Sunday, 16 September 2012

Free Download of the Day 17th September 2012 - Nasty Little Lonely

Today's free download of the day is Nasty Little Lonely's 'You Only Love Me When You're Drunk'.

Nasty Little Lonely are the band that were formerly known as Rock in Your Pocket. You can download 'You Only Love Me When You're Drunk' in full from our own Soundcloud. (NB: we've got the mp3 version for free especially, but if you want other file types you can buy them from their Bandcamp)


This week's 'Download of the Week' is The Banana Sessions 'Two Seasons'. Downloads of the Week are to buy. If you're enjoying all the free stuff, we encourage you to support musicians by considering purchasing the featured Download of the Week, as well as other work by the artists featured as Download of the Day. Anyway, check it out:

You can buy 'Two Seasons' from The Banana Sessions' Bandcamp.

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