Saturday, 29 September 2012

Free Download of the Day 29th September 2012: Jumble Hole Clough

Today's free Download of the Day is Jumble Hole Clough's 'The Hive at Hoo Hole'. Jumble Hole Clough is a project of Colin Robinson, also known for Big Block 454 and Churn Milk Joan. It's all inspired by the landscape around Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire.

Here's a picture of Jumble Hole Clough (the place):

Photograph (c) Mark Anderson, source

And here's Hoo Hole:

Photograph (c) Mark Anderson, source

You can download 'The Hive at Hoo Hole' in full, for free, from the Jumble Hole Clough Bandcamp - or you can choose to pay something for it if you will, and help them make more music! The album it comes from, 'Three Bags of Madder', is available in full on a name-your-price basis.


This week's 'Download of the Week' is Bishi's 'Dia Ti Maria'. Downloads of the Week are to buy. If you're enjoying all the free stuff, we encourage you to support musicians by considering purchasing the featured Download of the Week, as well as other work by the artists featured as Download of the Day. Anyway, check it out:

Bishi sings all 50 voices on this amazing recording.

You can buy 'Dia Ti Maria' on iTunes, Amazon or your download store of choice.

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