Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Free Download of the Day - 20th March 2013 - 'What Happen'd (live at Maps) by SJ Esau

Download of the Day posts now appear first on the Heartbeat of a Rabbit blog.

In the last Heartbeat of a Rabbit post, I mentioned Cajita's avowed 'mean live loop skills'. (It was Annie Hysterical who avowed them, by the way - to be precise, she said, 'he knows what he's doing').

The meanest live loop skills I have ever seen belong to yet another Bristol musician, SJ Esau. His live set in general is a great collision of talent and self-deprecation, as he alternates between astonishing you with his ability to build a song in front of your very eyes with his bare hands - and then, invariably, apologising for doing so.

An interview on the Bologna-based station 'Maps' is online including 3 tracks for free download. 'What Happen'd' is my Download of the Day.

Click here for the interview and download links and here to follow SJ Esau on Facebook.

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