Monday, 1 October 2012

Free Download of the Day 1st October 2012: Rachael Dadd

Update: this went up after a bit of a misunderstanding, so it was only up for a couple of hours. As a result of which, I'm very happy to say we'll have a completely different track from Rachael in the next couple of days. Meanwhile I'll let this post stand with the track streaming only - it's very lovely, give it a listen and check out Rachael's album 'Bite the Mountain' to buy.

Today's free Download of the Day is Rachael Dadd's 'Balloon'.

This track was originally going to be one of the very first ones we were going to post, but Rachael went into labour while we were talking about it nearly two weeks ago! Congratulations to her and her husband Ichi on the birth of baby Shuki Jim!

You can download 'Balloon' in full, for free, from the Download of the Day Soundcloud.


This week's 'Download of the Week' is Klad Hest's 'A Bitchin' Tone' - a torn-to-shreds and put-back-together-as-something-else remix of Hysterical Injury's 'Into the Cabin'. [Full disclosure: I am Hysterical Injury's manager - I promise only to post stuff I'm directly involved with very occasionally; but after all I do work with the band because I love what they do].

Downloads of the Week are to buy. If you're enjoying all the free stuff, we encourage you to support musicians by considering purchasing the featured Download of the Week, as well as other work by the artists featured as Download of the Day. Anyway, check it out:

You can buy 'A Bitchin Tone - (Klad Hest 'Into the Cabin' remix)' from Hysterical Injury's Bandcamp.

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